The Ultimate Guide to Freight Shipping Services

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Freight truck passing through the mountains

Did you know: on average, truckers for small businesses travel nearly 115,000 miles annually!

To help you understand answers to all your freight shipping-related queries, we’ve compiled this comprehensive blog that will cover everything you need to know!

By the end of reading this blog, you’ll be able to take advantage of cargo van shipping, box truck shipping, medical shipping, and more options in Detroit, Kentucky, Indiana, PA, and other places.

This blog will talk about what freight shipping services are and how to navigate them. First, let’s start with what freight shipping services even are.

Defining Freight Shipping Services

They’re an integral part of the commodity transportation process by air, ground, or sea. Box truck couriers, cargo van shipping, and box truck shipping are fundamental aspects of this process in PA, Indiana, and Ohio. Different transportation means will have their unique pros and cons to evaluate.

Freight Vs. Parcels

To help yourself decide what shipping method is appropriate for various product types, you must understand the differences between freight shipping and parcel delivery.

Parcel delivery has to do with individual, relatively small products and is completed by carriers like USPS, FedEx, etc. Standard freight deliveries have much heavier weight limits,and generally,land transportation is used to fulfill these.

Freight shipping brings many more transport options. Additionally, crates and pallets allow for more significant loading and protection for your goods.

Different Types of Freight Transportation

The options available are ground shipping, air shipping, and ocean freight shipping.

Using box truck shipping and courier services in Indiana, Kentucky, Detroit, and other places allows for several cost-effective shipment loads. The best ground shipping services will also make efforts to be eco-friendly.

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