Low Cost LTL Delivery Services across North America

JRN LLC has been offering logistics solutions through our affordable LTL freight shipping service, box truck shipping service, cargo van shipping service, and sprinter courier services in Ohio for years. In this time, we’ve developed organizational capabilities that make us the least-cost supply chain partner for your operational needs.

Our cargo van shipping and delivery drivers are put through rigorous training at regular intervals to ensure service delivery excellence, and we continue double freight loads each month.

LTL Services

Our LTL Services are some of the best in the industry. We’ve focused on developing organizational competencies to improve service delivery and efficiency across the country.


Our dedicated routes services will expedite your shipping and delivery in Michigan, Ohio Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania. We also offer incredibly low rates on all of our dedicated routes.

White Glove Shipping

Our services are available across multiple industries, With the guarantee that they will improve and Augment existing supply chain and logistics models.

Ground and Special Services

Our drivers are a group of thoroughly dedicated and trained individuals, who will get our deliveries sorted well within the stipulated timelines.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

Delivery Tracking Services

We understand the importance Of knowing how far your Deliveries have gotten and we Will help keep track with our State of the art tracking systems.

Economy Shipping

Our rates are some of the lowest That you will find in the shipping Industry. With our services at your disposal, there’s little chance that you will lag behind on deliveries.

Networks Across North America

Our services are available across The entire country and our Drivers are available throughout the day to help get your deliveries made on time.